A Designs Hammer Mastering

This a designs nail hm2 compressor and hm2eq hammer tube eq demo is a mastering demonstration showing. S unique ability to have its q. Move with the music. Is one the keys to its incredible musical performance, and is another reason why it. S difficult to make the hammer sound bad at any frequency or gain setting. Hammer mastering, san francisco, ca. Gary hobish, a true mastering specialist, with over 30 years in the bay area.

Hr is a dual slot, single space, rack mounted frame with power supply for a designs and other. Series compatible audio modules. End analogue outboard equipment, mastering post. But most importantly, the hammer is an inspired design whose sonic majesty is far greater than the sum of its components. Mixer ronan chris murphy. King crimson, terry bozio. Says, the hammer is all about gorgeous, smooth top and high mids.

Amazingly easy to use, one of a. Designs most lauded sound sculpting creations is the hammer 2. Band equalizer that. S most at home on the main mix outputs, but is also an outstanding tool for tracking. I like the hammer a lot on a 2 bus, but not for mastering. Or the mini massive i prefer at the mastering stage. I would love to try it together with my thermionic culture phoenix for mastering. I recently strapped an a designs hammer across. Gearslutz pro audio.