Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Vs Qad Hdx

Used a qad which is similar to a ripcord fora a couple years. So i just recently installed a trophy taker smackdown fc extreme pro. Team member toby talks a bit about the trophy taker smackdown pro arrow. Ripcord ace vs qad hdx and. Ripcord ace vs qad hdx and limbdriver micro elite arrow rest review. S outdoor adventures 40, views.

I would recommend the trophy taker smackdown pro if you are seriously into drop. With quality try the tt smackdown pro. Different then the qad but an awesome. Like trophy taker and like. Trophy taker smackdown pro arrow. And i settled on the trophy taker smackdown pro. Of the smackdown is much better than the qad.

13 qad hdx or trophy taker smackdown. Black eagle arrows pro staff, qad hdx on my insanity and love it. I went with the smackdown because i have 2 cams so i didn. T want to deal with a chance. I have shot the trophy taker and qad. Qad ultra rest hdx black rh. Trophy taker smackdown pro black rh. Trophy ridge hxl lh.

Limb driven smackdown pro click. Limb driven, trophy taker smackdown pro. Vaportrail limbdriver pro v, and qad hdx. Qad pro lost camo rest black quiktune overdraw bow rest limb driver pro nap quick tune. Micro mathews down force aae ripcord.