Fxblue Publisher

Fx blue labs provides a range of innovative widgets for your website, ranging from simple price quote. Boards through to more complex. Our ctrader publisher uploads trading statements from ctrader accounts to fx blue live. Our fxcm publisher uploads trading statements from fxcm trading station to fx blue live. You can see an example of the publication at the following address. Please note that the fxcm publisher is only required for non. Mt4 accounts with fxcm.

S publisher ea is our recommended way of publishing mt4 trading histories to the website. Our mt4 account sync is simpler because you do not need to run anything on your computer, but the publisher ea is more flexible and can be configured to publish more frequently. In this case, since the query is carried out independently from me, it will be the certified statement of fxblue. The publisher robot needs to be used like a forex robot. You can find it under the trader tools menu of the apps menu, as fx blue publisher ea. Fx blue live is a free web. Based service for analyzing and publishing your trading results. You can analyze trades from mt4, mt5, ctrader, xopenhub, vertex.

Download the fx blue publisher ea. This will give you a link on your account to be monitorized. 3 publisher settings. The publisher ea has a number of settings which let you control what is published, and when. The only parameters which you must change are the fxblue_username and fxblue_password. All the other settings are optional. The sentiment trader is based on live sentiment data. The sentiment data is based on real. Money accounts publishing their results to.

Publisher failed discussion. Fxblue not very user friendly and very complicated. D rather get myfxbook working. Fx blue launches new version of publisher app for fxcm ts2. The new version of the app, which lets traders publish their fxcm trading station statements. The value of the site within the fx blue group. Brokers who are used by a large number of traders publishing their.

Great free account analysis service. Fx blue live is a free web. Based service for analyzing and publishing your. Our publisher ea is fully compatible with other eas. You simply open one new chart in mt5. And add our ea to that. The single copy of the ea will publish all orders for all symbols. Financial software developer fx blue said on monday it has released an updated version of the publisher ea. For the metatrader 5.