Tangilope Grow Report

Tangilope strain giving you energy and happiness. Flowering time is 13 ounces and yield is 8 to 9 weeks. Read our full strain review. Tangilope cannabis strain by dna genetics. Reports, photos, and genetics. Tangilope is a chocolatey, citrus blend of tangie and chocolope, two of dna genetics. It is best known for its intense terpene profile and exotic smell.

Tangilope seeds from dna genetics sativa lovers across the world are going to adore this combination of sativa power, fast growing times and high resin. Expect to see fast growing plants in. As well as beginner growers or first timers can also have great results as tangilope is very easy to grow and. Has anyone grown dna genetics tangilope. Wondering what it grows like, yield ect. Trying to decide on what i want to run next month so anyone.

Dna tangilope grow report. Smoke report discussion in. Seed and strain reviews. Started by luvlydayz, aug 13. When chocolate and tangerines mixed, the world changed. Epic mouthwatering experiences. S how tangilope can be summarised. This incredible strain is quite unique because it emanates tangerine aromas, which are rare since most citrusy strains exude lemony scents. Tangilope is a real treat for lovers of sativa varieties. Not only does this easy to maintain strain grow fast in the vegetative phase, but it also reaches maturity after only 9 weeks of flowering and develops extremely resinous flower clusters with a very yummy aroma.

Need to report the video. W indoor grow tent s7 e4 day26 tangilope scrog. Andy the retired grower 44, views. Tangilope is a sativa hybrid of impressive global properties, especially with regards to flavour and aroma, which evoke the atmosphere of tropical areas. Showing good resistance to mould and pests, its size should be monitored indoors as some of the phenotypes of this cannabis strain tend to stretch a lot. Tangilope by dna genetics medical marijuana strain information. Cannabis grow journals, strain reviews by actual growers.